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Effective commercial locksmith services in Mystic

Your business will benefit greatly in the long-term with an investment in your door and entry systems. The security solutions offered by Shoreline Locksmith will afford you greater flexibility and safety in dealing with emergency situations. Our services are efficient and cost-effective, yielding improved functionality without the high premiums offered by our competitors. We're sure that you'll be pleased with our professional locksmith services!
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Versatile key-in-knob locks

Key-in-knob locks are a sensible security solution for businesses. They offer a wide range of attractive form factors to compliment the aesthetics of your building, all at reasonable costs that will agree with your renovation/construction budget. Because of their ubiquity, Shoreline Locksmith can easily perform installations, rekeying, repairs and gain entry to just about any model.

Secure dead-bolt locks

Protect the valuable assets of your business with a heavy-duty deadbolt lock! Unlike spring loaded locks, intruders are left with very few options to gain entry without the key itself. Shoreline Locksmith, however, has specialized equipment that allows us to gain quick access when you've been locked out. Additionally, we will keep your existing locks in good condition, or install replacements as needed.

The KNOX-BOX makes sense!

The KNOX-BOX is a fantastic option for business owners who wish to minimize entry damage by emergency fire crews and fire retarding countermeasures. Essentially, this is a high-security box that only fire departments have ready access to that allows them to quickly key into your property in the event of a fire, rather than via forcible entry. Since the fire can be accessed and dealt with so quickly, you are able to ensure that minimal damage from sprinkler systems, smoke and other common hazards will harm your property. Reduce the cost of fire damage, and keep your building up to code with an easy-to-install KNOX-BOX!

Dependable exit hardware

The setup of your door system is most crucial during times of emergency. Installing panic bars will allow your staff to exit the building quickly and without mishap, potentially saving lives. Additionally, you can up the security of your business by installing high-impact door closers, which will automatically shut any doors left open by accident, greatly reducing the risk of unwanted access. At Shoreline Locksmith, we are fully equipped to install, repair or replace these systems in an impressively short time frame, without breaking the bank in the process.
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