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Hand inserting golden key in keyhole to open lock in Mystic

Fast-responding residential locksmith in Mystic

Shoreline Locksmith is a leading provider of professional locksmith services. Few things are as inconvenient as being locked out of your home, and you can count on us to regain entry fast and efficiently when you call us. We provide a full range of services, including new installations, rekeying, repairs and replacements when you need them most.
When you've been locked out of your home, call (860) 572-9286 straight away!

Key-in-knob locks

Much as the name implies, key-in-knob locks have their keyholes embedded directly into the knob itself. These locking systems are incredibly common - and for good reason! Combining high security with streamlined good looks in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these locks can be fitted to match and enhance the look of nearly any door. At Shoreline Locksmith, we have the tools needed to repair, replace, or gain entry to just about any model you can imagine.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are a heavy-duty option for enhanced security. Unlike the ubiquitous spring-bolt locks, these locks cannot normally be opened by any other means than rotating the lock cylinder with a key. If your deadbolt has suffered damage due to impact or age, Shoreline Locksmith will be on the case in the blink of an eye, providing expert repairs and replacements. Restore the security of your home with our deadbolt repair services! 
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