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Your number-one provider of specialty locksmith services in Mystic

While the bulk of our business comes from the installation, repair, replacement and opening of door locks, our highly versatile skill set is perfect for a wide variety of specialty applications. We can enhance your existing entry infrastructure that will improve durability, security and utility - all without breaking the bank. 
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Attractive decorative hardware

Show off the pride that you take in your home with our decorative hardware options! From attractive house numbers to door knockers and latches, we have the perfect solution to beautify your home. Of course, we never compromise on durability and security, so you can rest assured that your home is as secure as can be. Get in touch with our customer service representatives to see your full range of options.

Furniture lock services

Do you have a gorgeous antique chest or cabinet that you'd like to restore functionality or gain access to? Shoreline Locksmith has years of experience working with locking systems, and we're able to repair, replace and open just about anything effectively and efficiently. Our skilled professionals will treat your precious belongings with the utmost respect, ensuring that no harm befalls them in the process.

Kick plate installations

Doors that see high foot traffic will benefit greatly from the addition of a rugged kick plate. Shoreline Locksmith offers these durable-yet-attractive reinforcements in a variety of materials, including brass, nickel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel to fit the aesthetics of your property. Kick plates are ideal for hands-free entry applications like swinging doors, as they allow easy access without placing undue wear and tear on the door itself.

Privacy-enhancing peep holes

When someone comes to your family's front door, you'll want to know who it is for your safety and the safety of your family. Shoreline Locksmith supplies peep holes. Peep holes are often an overlooked portion of the exterior door of homes, but they are important nonetheless. With Shoreline Locksmith's privacy-enhancing peep holes you will never have to worry about who is outside your door again.

The KNOX-BOX makes sense!

The KNOX-BOX is a fantastic option for business owners who wish to minimize entry damage by emergency fire crews and fire retarding countermeasures. Essentially, this is a high-security box that only fire departments have ready access to that allows them to quickly key into your property in the event of a fire, rather than via forcible entry. Since the fire can be accessed and dealt with so quickly, you are able to ensure that minimal damage from sprinkler systems, smoke and other common hazards will harm your property. Reduce the cost of fire damage, and keep your building up to code with an easy-to-install KNOX-BOX!
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